Comprehensive EIA software.

Why use Envigo?
We provide you with answers and solutions for 10 questions and challenges
that Environmental Impact Assessment [EIA] experts face on a daily basis.

  • Large database

    Large database

  • Quantitative-method

    Quantitative method

  • Analytical tools

    Analytical tools

  • Professional textual help

    Professional textual help

  • Ready-made reports

    Ready-made reports

  • Easy managing

    Easy managing

  • User-friendly and flexible

    User-friendly and flexible

  • Extensive support

    Extensive support

  • Applicable to all sectors

    Applicable to all sectors

  • Easy translatable

    Easy translatable

EIA software large database

How can I get support when conducting my EIA work to
clearly identify and define all relevant impacts on the environment?

EIA tool Envigo offers a large database of potential impacts (over 1,000), presented in user-friendly EIA checklists.
The environmental impact database holistically covers potentially negative and positive impacts on the
environment and society – along with common generic causes for their occurrences, therefore reducing the possibility of overlooking or neglecting possible impacts.

EIA software quantitative method

How can I keep my evaluations of environmental impacts as objective,
quantitative and transparent as possible so that they can be easily reproduced?

Envigo contains an original method for the quantitative evaluation of impacts, which falls into the class of matrix-scoring methods.
The environmental impact assessment quantitative methodology is simple but comprehensive enough to cover
projects and their alternatives from a large variety of sectors, accounting for environmental versatility, climate change and cumulative effects, as well as social aspects.

Environmental impacts interaction

Can Envigo help me to comprehensively present my findings
once the evaluation has been completed?

Absolutely. Envigo has features that can aid you with the analysis and visualization of the results (scores)
obtained by the EIA method. Users can create different graphs (histograms, pie-charts, line graphs, etc.) and
tables to clearly and systematically present the impacts and scores. By using Envigo’s analytical tools, EIA experts
have a very solid, integrated support system for concluding their statements and writing mitigation measures.

EIA software professional textual help

Does Envigo enable less-experienced professions
in the proper structuring and writing of EIA reports?

Yes. Envigo covers the entire Environmental Impact Assessment procedure,
all of its phases – EIA Screening, EIA Scoping and EIA Study.
The software for EIA specialists provides the headings defined in legal documents that need to be included in the reports.
Envigo guides users through the whole procedure, offering professional textual help to increase
the efficiency of beginners and conversely save the time of senior experts.

EIA software ready made reports

Does Envigo deliver the final EIA reports that are ready for submission?

Indeed. Envigo output reports for all EIA phases are prepared for submission to competent authorities.
Users have flexibility to insert figures, tables and formulae and shape the text formatting to the project needs
and their standards. Envigo takes care about the gathering of all information in the final form,
creating reports – EIA statements that are neat and appealingly designed.

To see more detailed overview of Envigo application, go to Eon+ website.

EIA software easy managing

Does Envigo offer me ways to manage my projects and
communicate with my team within the application?

Yes. Envigo is a cloud system [SaaS] that includes environmental management features.
These include a project management panel, in which managers can track the progress of all projects and their current statuses, as well as team member participation in them.
From that portal, managers can access current project phases, view and upload all necessary documents and reports, edit project data, delegate work to team members, and more. Envigo’s online management features help team leaders achieve better team coordination and effectively control the entire EIA process.

EIA software user friendly and flexible

Is Envigo completely specialized for EIA use?

Certainly. Envigo is user-friendly environmental protection software, with a workflow and interface that are both very intuitive for EIA experts. It is completely specialized for EIA while also being open and flexible enough for interaction and the insertion of results from different systems. Envigo’s web software interface design and system features are easy to use and speed up the work of EIA experts significantly.

EIA software extensive support

Does Envigo offer dedicated support to its users?

Absolutely. Eon+ experts who created Envigo are extremely dedicated to the user experience.
Free training courses, both in person and online (webinars), are offered for all registered customers. Detailed textual tutorials, as well as shorter interactive presentations of EIA software, are available online. By providing extensive and direct technical and EIA support, we make an effort to make all our customers feel comfortable with using Envigo.


Is Envigo flexible enough to support work in a large variety
of industries and economic sectors?

Yes. Envigo is generic, in the sense that it may be applied to developments and activities in all economic
sectors for which EIA can be requested. How? The environmental effects database covers impacts with causes of occurrence that are related to different activities and project types. Nevertheless, all impacts are filtered according to a specific economic sector so that an assessor can see only the impacts that are relevant to a given project type. The method for impact evaluation is developed to be general, no matter the project type. However, mitigation measures, which may vary greatly depending on a project, are defined by the users themselves.

EIA software easy tranlatable

How easy is it to translate your EIA reports from English
into other languages using Envigo?

Very. Although EIA reports always need to be in accordance with a particular national legislation,
all EIA procedures and binding content are quite similar around the World. This is especially true
for European countries in which national laws are based on the EIA EU Directive 2014/52/EU(am. 2011/92/EU).
The differences in processes and contents between countries are not very significant.
Envigo’s existing English version is based on the EU Directive and it may be adjusted to fit any national
regulations within the EU and can be translated into the desired language in a short amount of time.