Easy translatable

EIA software easy tranlatable

How easy is it to translate your EIA reports from English into other languages using Envigo? Very. Although EIA reports always need to be in accordance with a particular national legislation, all EIA procedures and binding content are quite similar around the World. This is especially true for European countries in which national laws are […]

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Applicable to all sectors


Supports work in many different industries and economic sectors: Envigo can be applied to developments and activities in all economic sectors for which an ESIA/EIA can be requested. The environmental effects database covers impacts with causes of occurrence that are related to different activities and project types. Nevertheless, all impacts are filtered according to a […]

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Extensive support

EIA software extensive support

Offers dedicated, expert support: The experts who created Envigo are extremely dedicated to the user experience and can offer you assistance in every phase of the ESIA/EIA process. Free training courses, both in-person and online (webinars), are offered for all customers. Detailed interactive tutorials of Envigo’s ESIA software are embedded in the platform and may […]

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User-friendly and flexible

EIA software user friendly and flexible

Easy to use and integrate: Envigo is user-friendly software, with a workflow and interface that both are very intuitive for environmental and social experts and practitioners. Envigo is able to interact and integrate with different systems. Users can modify headings (move, add, etc.) insert images from GIS or other software, create or import tables from […]

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Easy managing

EIA software easy managing

Includes project management and team communication options: Envigo includes a project dashboard and user settings panel so managers can use to track the progress and statuses of all projects as well as their team’s participation in them. Managers can access current project phases and allow revisions, view and upload necessary documents, create reports, edit project […]

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Ready-made reports

EIA software ready made reports

Delivering reports that are ready for submission: Output reports for all ESIA/EIA phases are prepared for submission to competent authorities or financial lenders. Envigo’s reporting tool allows users to change the order of chapters and/or exclude them from final reports if necessary. Envigo gathers all necessary information into the final form, creating reports – ESIA/EIA […]

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Professional textual help

EIA software professional textual help

Does Envigo enable less-experienced professions in the proper structuring and writing of EIA reports? Yes. Envigo covers the entire Environmental Impact Assessment procedure, all of its phases – EIA Screening, EIA Scoping and EIA Study. The software for EIA specialists provides the headings defined in legal documents that need to be included in the reports. […]

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Analytical tool

Environmental impacts interaction

Presenting evaluation findings comprehensively upon completion: Envigo has features that can aid you in the analysis and visualization of results obtained by the ESIA method. Users can create different graphs (histograms, pie-charts, line graphs, etc.) and tables to clearly and systematically present impacts and scores. By using Envigo’s analytical tools, EIA experts have a very […]

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Quantitative method

EIA software quantitative method

Keeping evaluations objective, quantitative, and transparent: Envigo contains an original method for the quantitative evaluation of the significance of impacts, making evaluations easy to reproduce when necessary. The quantitative, matrix-scoring methodology is simple but comprehensive enough to assess projects and their alternatives from a large variety of sectors, accounting for environmental versatility, climate change, and […]

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