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Envigo is software for ESIA/EIA that’s accessed via web browser. We offer great licensing flexibility to Envigo customers. There are two license types – per time and per project. Both license types are scaled (limited) to a certain number of users and sub-contracting companies, to be specified and arranged.

Per time

For this type, there are no limitations on the number of ESIA studies that can be conducted during the license term. Three license terms are offered:

6-months 12-months 24-months
Per project

For this type, there is a limited number of ESIA projects you can perform, but no limitations in terms of the time you need to complete them. Three options are available:

1 project up to 5 projects up to 10 projects

For all questions regarding licenses and pricing, please contact us by clicking on the license type you’re interested in.

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The satisfaction of our customers is very important to us. Eon+ provides free training, webinars, detailed tutorials and online technical support from ESIA/EIA expert for all Envigo users. To visit our support pages, click the links below:

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