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Reduce the cost and time of ESIA for your projects by 20 to 40%

By utilizing the all-encompassing digital solution Envigo you can decrease costs of EIA / ESIA study by 20%, and shorten the time to complete up to 10%.

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costs and time

Envigo digital methods, datasets and tools empower knowledge and resources management for any type of projects from your industry. 

The software features improve and expedite the work of experts, as well as reports review and approval process. 

Cloud platform allows for efficient virtual project team collaboration and better control of the EISA process and outsourced services. 

The on-line communication between you and other stakeholders — lenders, authority and public can be intensified and lead to better adoption of your project.  


Importantly, Envigo is in line with UN SDGs, Equator Principles, IFC performance standards, EU EIA Directive, other international resources and best-practices.

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With customization of Envigo you can achieve enterprise standardization for better IA process streamlining and even faster delivery.

Envigo platform is agile, modular and customizable for various requirements of your organization. 


With system configuration and additional software adaptation we can apply your particular ESIA / EIA process workflow, standards, methods and data templates. 


The resulting customized Envigo would allow for enterprise-wise standardization, as well as regional/national, industry specific standardizations.


Moreover, Envigo can be adapted for use in your internal environmental aspects or risk assessment processes, prior to ESIA or as a project follow-up.

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and localization

Envigo digital EIA solution - adaptibility, customization, API, admin configuration
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With internal accumulation of digital ESIA studies and use of artificial intelligence, you can further reduce the costs up to 40%.

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Digital ESIA studies and data within can be effectively reused for new projects, far more easily than the traditional ones.

The previous studies with complete data structures and relations can be copied to become a starting point for similar projects and/or environments. 

Then, the experts are focused on necessary changes  and quality assurance for new study, which considerably saves time and effort.

Moreover, artificial intelligence algorithms (e.g. Natural Language Processing — NLP) can be utilized in Envigo for providing initial recommendations for your ESIA, based on studies available on the web.

Consequently, by exploiting previous data and AI, you can do a significant portion of the work by yourself.

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By using the cutting-edge digital solution you can raise the transparency and affirmation of your projects.

The interest of all stakeholders in digital ESIA has been rising sharply in recent years, while the wider adoption of specialized EIA platforms is still to come.


By using our pioneering digital solution Envigo, you can become the leader in the digital EIA area.


Envigo digital solutions increase transparency and attract stakeholders for more engagement. 


This can result in better acceptance of your projects and overall affirmation of the environmentally and socially responsible company.

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EIA industry


Our company will help you in smooth adoption of Envigo with gradual transition to fully digital and standardized ESIA, customized to your needs.

Organize a detail demonstration on Envigo approach, functionalities and possibilities 


Explore Envigo platform and all its features through a 30 days free trial, with manuals included 


Arrange the SaaS subscription that fits your organization. The subscription is scaled by the number of ESIA projects and/or user accounts, including practitioners, project managers, external consultants, reviewers, etc. Example SaaS prices for one ESIA and different number of user accounts:

Ample support is included in SaaS: How-to-use manual embedded in Envigo, video recordings and on-line trainings, technical support 


In tight collaboration with our experts define and arrange customization package that fully suits your needs









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